Masters Property Management does it again!!

Rented out a beautiful home in Hamptons Reserve in Metrowest.  It only took us 3 days to find a qualified applicant!  When property was first visited, quite a bit of work was needed in order to get it rental ready.  Masters Realty helped to plan and coordinate all the repairs for a fraction of the cost anticipated by the owner and in record time!  The Owners are very, very pleased as Masters Realty was able to find a tenant with great credit and who made more than enough income to justify affordability for the rental.  Tenant took possession of the property less than two weeks after being listed which helped the Owner to minimize vacancy.  Not only that but we secured $100 more per month rent then planned initially!  Call Masters Realty Property Management to discuss management for your property!  We can help you every step of the way whether adding to your portfolio or simply switching to a better option.